What is SAP?

The Standard Assessment Procedure (“SAP”) is the Government’s approved methodology for calculating the energy performance of dwellings.

Do I need a SAP assessment?

If you have built or are planning to build a new dwelling, then Approved Document L1A of the Building Regulations states that you must obtain a SAP rating for that dwelling.

If you renovate a building which results in a material change in use, then we can undertake a SAP assessment to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document L1B.

How long does a SAP assessment take?

We aim to complete each SAP assessment within five working days from the point of engagement.

How much does a SAP assessment cost?

We strive to ensure each quote is the most competitive in the market, offering you real value for a quality service. Factors that will affect the cost of a SAP assessment include the size and complexity of the dwelling. Call now for an instant quote from one of our experienced SAP assessors.

What happens if my dwelling fails the SAP assessment?

Our qualified assessors will be happy to provide you with a free consultancy service, advising you on all necessary amendments to ensure a pass is achieved every time.

What do I need to provide to the SAP assessor?

  • Floor plans, elevation and section drawings;
  • Details of the buildings location and orientation;
  • Specification for the construction of all floors , roofs and external walls;
  • Specification for all windows and doors within the buildings external envelope, including frame material, width of gap (if multiple glazing) and emissivity of glass;
  • Details of all heating, ventilation and air conditioning within the building;
  • The number of standard lights and number of low energy lights;
  • Hot water system specification, including cylinder size, details of any insulation to the cylinder and pipes, and associated controls;
  • Full details of any fixed secondary heating systems (such as an open fire); and
  • Details of any low or zero carbon technology, such as solar hot water and photovoltaics.